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Experts in Process Cooling & Refrigeration, Pure Water Systems & Cryogenics Designed & Manufactured in the UK

Example Products

At GRE we design, develop and manufacture innovative heating and cooling systems implementing a range of technologies from cryogenics to thermal wax and ice banks. GRE use specialist knowledge to develop cutting-edge solutions to the most complicated problems, often indeterminable by in-house R&D teams or alternative ‘specialist’ heating and cooling providers.


Heat Pump Chiller

GRE were selected above all other major manufacturers due to the extremely high demands of the specification to undertake this very prestigious project – a leading clothes retailer’s flag ship store in Regent Street, London.


District Heating Systems

GRE designed and manufacture the COMBIPUMP(TM) and COMBIPACK(TM) for use in district heating systems, heat pumps and biomass heating systems and thermal stores, enabling an interface between renewable energy source and the domestic environment.